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Intelligence-led Cyber Visibility Whitepaper

30 March 2023

Download our whitepaper "Intelligence-led Cyber Visibility" to get your cyber security back on track and rediscover your digital estate.

Secure Web Gateway vs CASB

15 August 2022

Learn the differences between SWBs and CASbs and when you should use each one for your organisation’s cyber security.

What Is A Secure Web Gateway?

15 August 2022

Learn what a secure web gateway is and why they are important to your organisation's cyber security.

What Is Security Awareness Training And Why Is It Important?

15 August 2022

Learn what security awareness training is and why it is important to your organisation.

The Unintended Data Security Consequences of Remote Collaboration

25 May 2022

Find out more about how collaboration can bring innovation and cyber security challenges

What is External Attack Surface Management

20 May 2022

Learn about the importance of External Attack Surface Management and why organisations need to pay attention to this cybersecurity imperative.

Cloud Security Posture Management

20 May 2022

Find out what Cloud Security Posture Management is and why you need it to secure your cloud based resources.

API Security Testing - Everything You Need to Know

20 May 2022

Learn about the importance of API security testing, what it is and what it does.

4 Steps for EASM Protection - a Guide for CISOs

20 May 2022

Find out what all CISOs need to know about implementing effective External Attack Service Management for their organisations.

API Security best practices (complete with a checklist)

20 May 2022

Find out what you need to know about API security best practices and use our checklist to audit your current status.

How to Talk About EASM to the C-suite

20 May 2022

Find out how to effectively communicate with the c-suite and board about EASM to gain their buy-in.

CSPM Best practices (and mistakes to avoid)

20 May 2022

Learn what CSPM is along with best practices and common mistakes and how to avoid them.