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Our assessments provide insight that’s intelligence-driven, impact-focused and tailored to your organisation
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BlueFort's Evolve program provides access to a selection of additional Cybersecurity Assessment services

Our assessments provide insight that’s intelligence-driven, impact-focused, and tailored to your organisation. With insight comes clarity, and from clarity comes trust

A selection of our key additional assessment services can be found below

Supply-Chain Assurance Assessment

In the modern interconnected business landscape, where organisational operations rely heavily on global networks and digital technologies, the role of cybersecurity in organisational supply chains has emerged as a critical and indispensable safeguard.

Understanding the breadth of the supply chain, the criticality of suppliers to your organisation, the risk they pose to ongoing operation and mechanisms to secure their access, are all key to safely integrating them with the organisations working practices.

Assessment outcomes include:

  • Support in mapping the supply chain.
  • Identifying supplier criticality and risk.
  • Contractual security review.
  • Governance and audit in the supply chain.
  • Threat profiles of suppliers.
  • Security controls for supply chain.
Cyber Mission Assurance Assessment

Delivering a proprietary ‘pre-mortem’ assessment methodology providing a detailed understanding of criticality and risks within operations and supply chains.

Mapping essential functions and understanding what is important to business operations.

Developing systems-level mapping to business-critical functions.

Understanding sector threats and impacts. Prioritisation and management of risks.

Creation of consensus for action with clear ownership.

Assessment outcomes include:

  • Securing systems.
  • Enterprise risk assessment.
  • Creating consensus.
  • Prioritisation of actions.
Security Architecture Review Assessment

Cybersecurity architecture plays a pivotal role in defending an organisation by providing the strategic framework and infrastructure for safeguarding its digital assets and operations. However, the safeguards rely heavily on scope, modernity and proportionality, and therefore benefit greatly from review against requirements, the current threat landscape and assurance that designs meet modern security trends.

Assessment outcomes include:

  • Architecture governance.
  • Security architectural reviews.
  • Architectural mapping to threats.
  • Review of trends vs current architecture.
Cyber Threat Assessment

Provides a rapid assessment to understand cyber risk at the enterprise, division or services level. Supporting business leaders in understanding specific cyber threats to their organisation, industry level threats and commodity threats.

Assessment outcomes include understanding of:

  • Who are the likely threat actors?
  • What are the most likely/most dangerous methods of compromise?
  • Scenario creation (Framework).
  • Comparing audit and test results vs threat scenario.
  • Quantifying the risk to operations.
Risk-Based Investment Decision Assessment

A workshop to evidence investment decisions across cybersecurity programmes, using a threat centric approach to systematically improve and transform organisational resilience.

Supports the adoption of a threat-led assurance approach to support prioritisation of security controls and investment. Provides a simplified kill-chain assessment methodology to support ongoing assessment.

Assessment outcomes include:

Understand – Ensuring a common baseline on risk strategy, priorities and risk appetite

Stocktake – Establishing the evidence base for analysis & thematic controls.

Threat centric controls – Prioritisation of actions in context for risk reduction.

Implementation – Confirm prioritised approach to risk reduction across time horizons.

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