Our Approach

BlueFort’s Continuous Discovery, Validation and Control methodology aligns directly with both CTEM and NIST frameworks, and is designed to give our clients access to expertise, advice, and solutions that deliver on the promise of continuous improvement in cybersecurity, whilst being aligned with best practice frameworks.

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The BlueFort Methodology

BlueFort has tightly integrated security disciplines that deliver continuous cybersecurity, all supported by Evolve, our service delivery platform.

Continuous Discovery

When it comes to cybersecurity, IT landscapes are complex, often untamed and usually unpredictable. There are many known unknowns, and there are even more unknown unknowns. CISOs and SecOps professionals are balancing on the precipice of losing control of their users, data, assets, and being unable to protect their infrastructure. The Continuous Discovery pillar in BlueFort’s methodology is a technology-based roadmap to discover, maintain, automate and validate a single view of an organisation’s entire threat surface, delivering a comprehensive understanding of tools, assets, policies and APIs across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments.

Solutions delivered by this practice include:

  • Continuous surface threat management tools
  • Automated security validation tools
  • External threat surface management solutions
  • Cloud security posture management

Continuous Validation

With more than 80% of cyber attacks now leveraging identity based attacks* identity is the new perimeter. Ensuring continuous validation of users, applications and transactions is a multifaceted undertaking. BlueFort’s Continuous Validation assurance practice integrates all the necessary components required to deliver comprehensive solutions.

Solutions delivered by this practice include:

  • Prevention of modern attacks like ransomware & supply chain attacks
  • Improving the visibility of credentials in a hybrid environment (including identities, privileged users and service accounts)
  • Enhanced lateral movement detection and defence
  • Extended multi-factor authentication (MFA) to legacy and unmanaged systems
  • Strengthening the security of privileged users
  • Protection of identities from account takeover
  • Detection of attack tools

*2022 Crowdstrike global threat report

Continuous Control

Controls and policies will only lead to effective protection if they are based in meaningful contextual intelligence, that speaks specifically to an organisation’s unique environment. What’s more, CISOs and SecOps teams are facing a range of new and compounding challenges. Unsecured cloud environments, data sprawl, disjointed legacy tooling, outdated systems and gaps in endpoint security, all present new vulnerabilities and threats that are impossible to detect and manage with a static, point in time approach to controls. BlueFort’s continuous control pillar focuses on consolidating existing tooling to reduce unnecessary data and unify technology; focusing on a suite of curated and tested technology.

Continuous Control navigates:

  • Application Security, Performance Monitoring, Availability and Observability
  • Next-Generation Endpoint Protection and Management
  • IOT Management
  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)
  • Identity Governance and Access Management (MFA)
  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
  • Secure Service Edge (SSE)—Zero Trust Access

Continuous Partnership - Evolve

Evolve is BlueFort’s cyber services platform that glues everything together. Evolve is a co-pilot service, providing flexible and on-demand access to skills and expertise to support your in-house security team. Evolve offers far more than limited ‘break-fix’ support, without the constraints of traditional managed security services.

While Evolve provides rapid and immediate access to experts whenever and wherever you need – from bite-sized 2 hour chunks to multi-year engagements; the Evolve services platform is designed to work with you, hand-in-hand across your continuous discovery, validation and control journey…. and beyond. No matter the size of your skills gap, Evolve can fit.

BlueFort has designed Evolve to provide a rapid and immediate solution to the cybersecurity skills shortage. We give you access to industry experts who have gone through the vetting, testing and curation of exciting new technologies to help you cut through the noise of the cybersecurity market, deliver proactive cyber market research and enhanced support.

See how BlueFort can help you simplify your cybersecurity

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The UK’s only truly independent Security Solutions Partner (SSP)

BlueFort is the UK’s leading independent Security Solutions Partner (SSP). A unique combination of people and technology focused on simplifying your cyber journey. With a curated suite of tools, products, and skills, BlueFort partners with CISOs and SecOps teams to simplify, consolidate, optimise and transform their cybersecurity environments.

Driven by industry-standard methodologies including NIST, ISO 27001, CyberEssentials+, and CTEM, BlueFort’s tightly integrated security disciplines deliver complete solutions that ensure continuous discovery, validation and control for your organisation.