Joining forces with Forcepoint

Evolving alongside a rapidly shifting cybersecurity landscape, to provide industry-leading solutions to support our clients with mitigation of the latest Cloud migration, storage and security threats. We are pleased to announce a new partnership with next-generation enterprise security leader Forcepoint.

Our alignment with Forcepoint will provide our customers access to industry-leading solutions to mitigate the latest Cloud migration, storage and security threats.

Our focus is to provide cyber excellence, by applying innovative solutions to ensure our customer networks are protected against malicious activity, and should they be compromised, arming them to effectively remediate rapidly and efficiently. Utilising our technical engineering resources, we then continue to optimise these solutions, to provide ongoing configuration and optimisation advice and expertise.

Forcepoint is a global cybersecurity leader for user and data protection, which aims to transform the cybersecurity industry by leveraging human-centric behavioural analytics. All security incidents start with people, and Forcepoint believes that if organisations are able to put people and data at the centre of their design thinking, we are better able to protect network users and cloud access, and prevent confidential data from leaving a corporate network.

Forcepoint’s approach aligns with the visibility, intelligence and control methodology forged by BlueFort and complements their existing core portfolio of F5, FireEye, RSA and Wandera.

Speaking on behalf of the company Ian Jennings, BlueFort’s Technical CEO commented; “The cyber landscape is constantly evolving, and we look to grow alongside it. We are excited about this new partnership with Forcepoint, and how they will enable us to continue to provide innovative technologies to our customers whilst they move to integrate the Cloud.”

Speaking on behalf of Forcepoint, James Neilson, VP Regional Sales for Northern Europe at Forcepoint explained; “Digital transformation offers both a huge opportunity and also increased risk to enterprises internationally. By offering companies behaviour-based security solutions which adapt to risk, BlueFort can deliver valuable services to help our joint customers quickly assess the levels of risk across their organisation and take rapid, informed action. BlueFort’s substantial technical experience and support means that our technologies can be fully optimised for our customers, and they can protect employees and critical data everywhere.”

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