Cribl partnership with BlueFort Security enables security teams to unlock the value of observability data

2nd August, 2023

BlueFort Security, the UK’s leading independent Security Solutions Partner (SSP), has signed an agreement with Cribl, the leader in enabling open observability. Cribl is the newest addition to BlueFort’s carefully tested suite of cybersecurity tools and technology that ensure customers have continuous discovery, validation and control of their IT estates.

From 2020 to 2025, IDC forecasts new data creation to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23%, resulting in approximately 175ZB of data creation by 2025. Security and IT teams today are tasked with analysing and securing the ever-increasing amount of data being generated and collected throughout their organisations. However, IT budgets remain flat and the availability of IT professionals is failing to keep pace with demand. The net result is that organisations are struggling to manage their data, maintain data quality, and make it available to security analysts and IT teams who can use it for SecOps advantage. 

“Given the volume of data being collected today; usually from hundreds of different sources – many organisations  are at serious risk of losing control of that data. This is a serious problem for CISOs and IT security teams who are already inundated with security alerts from multiple feeds,” said Ian Jennings, co-founder and CEO, Technical & Operations at BlueFort Security. What’s needed is a way for organisations to control their data, collect useful data efficiently, and leverage their existing tools to get the best possible result. Cribl does exactly this. It is a perfect complement to the other tools and technology that we have curated to help CISOs and IT security teams simplify the chaos of today’s cyber landscape.

Cribl was founded in 2018 to build a solution to make observability viable for any organisation, giving customers visibility and control while maximising value from existing tools. Its flagship product, Cribl Stream, is a vendor-agnostic observability pipeline that gives organisations the flexibility to collect, reduce, enrich, normalise, and route data from any source to any destination within your existing data infrastructure.

Charlie Howe, VP EMEA – Cribl commented, “The ability to consume exponentially larger volumes of security and observability data is becoming a critical dependency for successful security monitoring. Those who work in SecOps know that security teams are concerned about being able to consume the right data, data quality in general, and being able to manage the data to get the best possible results. This is the unique value that Cribl offers: control of your data plane”.

About Cribl

Cribl makes open observability a reality for today’s tech professionals. The Cribl product suite defies data gravity with radical levels of choice and control. Wherever the data comes from, wherever it needs to go, Cribl delivers the freedom and flexibility to make choices, not compromises. This enterprise software enables tech professionals to do what they need to do, and gives them the ability to say Yes. With Cribl, companies have the power to control their data, get more out of existing investments, and shape the observability future. Founded in 2018, Cribl is a remote-first company with an office in San Francisco, CA. For more information, visit or their LinkedIn, Twitter, or Slack community.

About BlueFort Security                         

BlueFort is the UK’s leading Independent Security Solutions Partner (SSP) providing a unique combination of people and technology focused on simplifying your cyber journey

With a curated suite of tools, products and skills, BlueFort partners with CISOs and SecOps teams to simplify, consolidate, optimise and transform their cyber security environment. 

BlueFort’s carefully tested suite of tools and technology simplifies the chaos of the cyber landscape, while its in-house experts provide a rapid and immediate solution to the cybersecurity skills shortage, reducing pressure on internal security teams and delivering ongoing, on-demand cyber resource flexibility.  

Driven by industry standard methodologies including NIST, ISO27001, CyberEssentials+ and CTAM, BlueFort’s security practice delivers complete solutions that ensures continuous discovery, validation and control for your organisation.

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