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New Helpdesk

The first stage of this process was to replace our Helpdesk with a new one based entirely on Salesforce which was launched in May 2019. Meaning we can better track, follow up and monitor queries, providing our customers with an even more seamless experience.

New Support Portal

Phase two of this process is the launch of the customer support portal on July 1st 2019. This new portal will empower customers to view all our support and maintenance data and better manage their owned devices and support entitlements. Within this portal, as well as being able to view existing, raise new and update support cases. Customers will be able to view details of all our supported assets, view copies of our support contracts, and details of any related BlueFort Assist package or BlueFort Evolve support entitlements.

We have also introduced a knowledge base for each of our technology partnerships, and have enabled a function to contact our product experts directly through live chat.

Future Plans

Further improvements are already in the pipeline, BlueFort will soon be unveiling a pre-booked support functionality and new communication channels to allow even more seamless interaction.

Speaking on behalf of the company Ian Jennings, BlueFort’s Technical CEO commented; “We are excited about these new developments and how they will enable us to work in closer partnership with our customers. We esteem companies such as Amazon in the B2C space who are always looking for innovative ways to improve their user experience and I see no reason why we should be any different in our approach to customer experience.”

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