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Security Information and Event Management allows your business to standardise, accelerate and improve your approach to hacking and other serious security issues. With the right technology and processes your IT security team are able to work smarter, faster and more effectively, managing incidents and improving the overall posture of your organisation.



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What is Security Information and Event Management?

Security Information and Event Management tools (SIEM) provide a way to collect, sort and filter the thousands of event log entries generated by servers and infrastructure every day.

Automated analysis identifies and prioritises those issues which most need further investigation.

SIEM collects event logs from across your network, including servers, routers, firewalls and other infrastructure assets, storing them in a central repository. The IT security team can then sort and filter logs events as they need to spot security events that may indicate unauthorised on the network.

Security information and event management (SIEM) solutions also offer a degree of automation. Event log entries can be sorted and filtered automatically according to pre-defined rules, allowing for monitoring of trends, or to surface particularly important issues that require immediate attention.

Why your organisation needs Security Information and Event Management

Sorting through hundreds of thousands of log entries is slow and time consuming, drawing resources away from other issues that require expert attention. A security information and event management (SIEM) implementation helps to relieve some of the burden by cutting through the background noise.

Using intelligent, automated filtering, the SIEM system identifies events that may indicate a security issue and alert your team that further analysis is required. This then allows you to better target your resources to where they are most needed, maximising budget and manpower for the greatest effect.

The majority of logged events are purely informational with no further action required. SIEM cuts through this ‘noise’, surfacing important events more quickly, and allowing your team to get to work more quickly.

Deploying automated filtering and trend detection further reduces the rate of false positives and wasted effort investigating them.

In the event of a network security breach, the security information and event management system becomes an important aspect of forensic investigation.

Using the logged events, your analysts can assess the extent of the breach and where additional recovery, repairs or reconfiguration are required.

How our Security Information and Event Management service works

SIEM security and event management acts as a central repository for event logging and alerting for your infrastructure. The platform includes tools to analyse and filter logs, and to set event conditions that automatically alert the network security team when certain thresholds are breached.

By improving monitoring and detection, your business is better able to respond to security threats and network breaches.

Initially, BlueFort installs and configures the central security information and event management platform. They then deploy the relevant agents or console connections to begin collecting event logs from your networked assets.

Next, our team works alongside yours to define threat thresholds and to configure the relevant alerts that are sent to the network security team. We’ll also help you understand your automation options and how you may be able to accelerate the mitigation process to contain potentially serious security threats.

Once fully operational, you can begin the process of actively searching for previously undiscovered infrastructure issues (threat hunting). And when problems are found, the built-in forensics tools can help you trace the source of the intrusion, along with any other systems that may have been compromised.

Why Choose BlueFort Security for Security Information and Event Management

As the UK’s leading cyber security solutions provider, BlueFort’s specialist IT security portfolio is second to none. Our services include security information and event management (SIEM) and is based on our extensive industry knowledge and experience.

BlueFort are proud holders of the Cyber Essentials Plus, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to quality and excellence for our customers.

Everything we do is built to meet the specific security needs of your business. Our SIEM solutions will help you better understand infrastructure security, and to improve defences to meet the strategic needs of your business.

The multi award-winning BlueFort technical support team is always available, whether you need urgent technical assistance or answers to basic usage questions.

Our IT security expertise and customer-centric approach is why organisations like the NHS, Aviva, Virgin Media and Greater Manchester Police rely on BlueFort to deliver robust, reliable effective security information and event management.


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