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Malware protection is one of the most important elements of network security. From trojans that steal data and compromise perimeter security, to ransomware that encrypts files for cash, malware attacks have the potential to bring your business to its knees. But with the BlueFort antimalware service, those threats can be managed - or avoided entirely.



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What is Malware Protection?

Malware protection is a collection of tools and techniques designed to prevent malicious software like viruses and ransomware entering the network and infecting assets. These tools also assist with detecting, containing and removing successful infections to minimise their overall effect on business operations.

The antimalware service from BlueFort operates at several levels throughout your infrastructure to maximise identification opportunities. Positioned at the network perimeter, servers and endpoint PCs, these tools can spot, block and remove virus, trojan and ransomware infections within seconds, to limit potential damage.

Why your organisation needs Malware Protection

Malware remains one of the most common methods for hackers to gain initial access to internal network resources. Malware protection is absolutely vital to helping prevent these incursions - and the costs associated with them.

The cost of a successful malware attack can be enormous. As well as the cost of recovering data and repairing systems, your business could also receive a very large fine for breaching data protection laws.

There is also likely to be damage to brand reputation and trust, as customers take their business elsewhere. And if sensitive intellectual property is leaked to competitors, you may experience further loss of market share.

Malware protection is vital to protecting your profits and your customers. Preventing malware attacks is a legal and ethical imperative, that may have a significant bearing on the future of your business.

How our Malware Protection Service Works

Malware detection typically operates at the network perimeter and on each endpoint to identify and block malicious software before it can spread or begin exfiltrating data. Agents installed on servers and PCs monitor local activity for both known and unknown infections using virus signature pattern-matching and system behaviour analysis.

Inbound email scanning is also effective at identifying and blocking infected attachments before they arrive in the end user’s mailbox.

Advanced malware protection analyses network activity for suspicious behaviour that may indicate a virus infection. As well as attempting to disinfect malware automatically, these tools will alert the IT security team to raise awareness of the incursion, allowing them to plan and execute any follow-up activities as required.

BlueFort also makes use of advanced malware protection technologies like Cloud Access Security Broker (CASM) to analyse activity and traffic on premise and in the cloud for anomalous behaviours that indicate security issues.

BlueFort can also provide support and advice following a malware attack, helping you to complete remedial work. We’ll also show you how to learn from a breach, using those insights to strengthen defences and processes to minimise the risk of future malware attacks.

Why Choose Bluefort Security for Malware Protection

BlueFort is the UK’s leading cyber security solutions provider, serving companies like the NHS, Aviva, Virgin Media and Greater Manchester Police. Our specialist IT security portfolio, including the Malware Protections, combines advanced technologies with our extensive industry knowledge and experience.

We are proud holders of Cyber Essentials Plus, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to quality and excellence in everything we do for our customers.

Everything we do is built around the security needs of your business, helping to protect you against malware threats present and future. We build malware protection solutions specific to the needs of your users and customers, and the strategic needs of your business. And our multi award-winning technical support team provides urgent technical assistance or answers to the most basic questions whenever you need them.


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