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DDoS Protection services from BlueFort detect and block distributed denial of service attacks against your web assets. By automatically detecting and blocking malicious traffic, we ensure your websites are always available, your operations continue unaffected and you avoid costly, embarrassing outages.



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What is DDoS Protection?

By detecting and blocking malicious web traffic, DDoS Protection services mitigate the effects of distributed denial of service attacks, improving the availability of websites and web services to ensure that legitimate activity is unaffected.

The BlueFort DDoS Protection service uses several techniques and technologies to detect and divert suspicious traffic, relieving pressure on your web servers and applications. Incoming requests are analysed at the network and application layers, while volumetric testing identifies – and filters – repetitive, automated requests designed to overload infrastructure resources.

As DDoS attacks become more sophisticated, DDoS mitigation becomes an important tool for preventing costly disruption of your web-based assets and processes.

Why your organisation needs DDoS Protection

Your web-based assets are now a mission-critical aspect of operations. Outages can have significant effects on productivity, profitability and reputation, making a DDoS mitigation service an essential aspect of your overall security posture.

DDoS Protection Solution

A DDoS protection solution can identify and mitigate suspicious network activity automatically.

Your website and services are protected from resource overload by hacktivists, hackers or infrastructure misconfigurations that generate large volumes of network traffic.

At the same time, the management overheads of your security team steadily reduce, allowing them to focus on other tasks that further improve your overall security posture, rather than fire-fighting website issues manually.

Preventing DDoS attacks

DDoS protection services will increase your website availability and resilience. At the same time, you benefit from:

  • productivity gains,
  • improved customer experience and
  • reduced operating and management costs.
How our DDoS Protection Service Works

The DDoS Protection service from BlueFort provides comprehensive protection against DDoS attacks. As soon as your web properties begin to experience a surge in demand, the DDoS mitigation system directs suspicious requests through a four-stage process; detection, response, routing and analysis.

During detection, the system notes a spike in demand and makes a decision as to whether the event is a high volume of normal traffic or if the server is being targeted by a distributed denial of service attack.

This triggers the response phase which automatically drops automated requests from bots, instantly reducing demand on resources.

Legitimate web requests are then broken into smaller chunks and forwarded to the webserver as normal. The process is quick and seamless to deliver the best possible user experience.

Finally, the DDoS mitigation service system analyses traffic patterns and activity to identify trends.

These insights are then used to improve detection algorithms and reduce potential false positives during future peaks in demand.

Why Choose Bluefort Security for DDoS Protection Services

BlueFort is the UK’s leading cyber security solutions provider. Our specialist IT security portfolio, including the DDoS Protection service, is based on our extensive industry knowledge and experience.

BlueFort is proud to hold:

  • Cyber Essentials Plus,
  • ISO 9001 and
  • ISO 27001 certifications,

demonstrating our ongoing commitment to quality and excellence.

Everything we do is built around the security needs of your business.

We build DDoS mitigation solutions specific to the needs of your users and customers, and the strategic needs of your business. And our multi-award winning technical support team is always available, whether you need urgent technical assistance or answers to the most basic questions.

Our IT security expertise and customer-centric approach is why organisations like the NHS, Aviva, Virgin Media and Greater Manchester Police rely on BlueFort to prevent denial of service attacks on their assets.


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