Uncover the Hidden Risks of Shadow IT

The number of people working from home has tripled recently, and 84% anticipate broader or even permanent WFH programmes.

With this shift in culture comes a shift in risk. Your staff may have the best intentions when they use personal devices, new software and emerging applications to get their jobs done more efficiently – but the use of unapproved IT resources creates vulnerabilities and opens you up to security breaches.

One third of successful attacks on enterprise businesses, target data that’s held in unsanctioned IT resources. To uncover the threats shadow IT poses to your business, and understand how to manage it.

We explored:

  • Understand shadow IT, including its risks and its potential rewards
  • Identify where employees are using unapproved IT resources
  • Take control of your IT landscape using your newfound visibility
  • To get visibility of the extent of the problem within your company

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