Securing Your Supply Chain: Harnessing Threat Intelligence for Effective Risk Management – Insights for the Finance and Insurance Sectors

Financial institutions and insurance firms continue to be a key target for threat actors, who are exploiting weaknesses in the ever-growing list of third-party relationships. As highlighted by recent regulations, it’s imperative for organisations to get visibility of their third-party risks and to proactively manage them, safeguard sensitive data and maintain operational resilience.

During this webinar, our expert panellists will provide comprehensive insights and actionable strategies that the finance sector can implement.

We will explore:

  • The evolving landscape of third-party risks and cyber threats.
  • Implementing robust risk assessment frameworks to identify vulnerabilities.
  • Proactive mitigation & applying effective countermeasures to third-party risks.
  • Fostering collaborative security relationships with key third parties.
  • Compliance considerations and regulatory guidelines for effective risk management.

Through engaging discussions, case studies and practical examples, you’ll gain valuable knowledge so you can deliver an effective third-party risk management process and bolster your cyber defences.

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