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Preparation over assumption. It’s critical in internet security.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Pentera, formerly Pcysys, who have the expertise in the field of attack simulation technology or otherwise known as automated penetration testing.

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Why use Pentera?

Pentera has become one of the leading PEN test software management tools.

As networks, users, devices, and applications constantly change and expose vulnerabilities, it is critical to pen-test frequently and Pentera makes it easy to validate your cyber-security posture daily, to keep your guard up at all times.

Through an automated pen-testing platform, Pentera continuously conducts ethical exploits based on infrastructure vulnerabilities, to deliver prioritised threat-based weaknesses based on real pen-testing achievements. Pentera is a next-generation solution that makes identifying and solving system vulnerabilities a thing of ease.

Awards and Credentials

Pentera has won many industry awards such as The Frost and Sullivan Value Leadership Award- 2019 and the “2020 Gartner Cool Vendor Award”.

Backed by top tier investors such as Insight Partners, K1 Investment Management, and The Blackstone Group & AWZ Pentera has been described as the “Unicorn solution to testing, finding & solving network security issues and scaling them at large.

Prioritise your vulnerabilities

As the demands to your cyber security increase and the footprint of your vulnerabilities expand, having a solution that monitors, tests and provides solutions is critical.

Pentera’s automated penetration testing performs tests across your entire infrastructure using a variety of hacking techniques which ensure that you remain resilient regardless of how the hacker is trying to break in. Pentera uses the information collected from the tests to prioritise your vulnerable areas.

As malicious hackers and software continue to develop at rapid speed, it’s critical that your protection software can move with the times and automate the processes which are critical to be just as effective as those attacking.

Pentera starts by analysing all the vulnerabilities, it then assesses those which pose a greater threat and those specifically to your network; it then moves to assess your assets and finally provides remediation for the specific threats.

To discover where your system has vulnerabilities and how they can be better managed, contact our team today.

Greater Security Validation

Pentera provides greater security validation by delivering a sophisticated, continuous and cost-effective penetration testing platform. It does this through;

  • Vulnerability assessments

Where are the threats to your network and assets

  • Cracking passwords

Identifying the passwords and keychains with issues

  • Malware injection

Testing the system against malware attacks

  • Privilege escalation

Exploiting a bug in an operating system or software application to gain elevated access normally protected from an application or user.

  • Checking credentials

Verification of identity or tools for authentication on the network

  • Relays

It performs relay test attacks to discover weaknesses

  • Network reconnaissance

Covertly discovering and collecting information about a system and reporting back

All of this is only possible thanks to penetration testing. Using the best software to identify, protect and resolve network issues is business critical.

Pentera’s features

  • Agentless

Low-touch, fully automated platform that requires no prior knowledge of the environment.

  • Consistent Execution

Runs consistently in the background or at scheduled times to protect your cyber network.

  • Latest Techniques

Think and act like your attacker, giving you the best protection.

  • Automated

No need to worry about when it's done. It will be done.

  • Prioritised Remediation

Pentera generates a risk-based remediation roadmap with actionable insights that you can immediately execute.

  • Online 24/7

Always online, always working to protect you, your business and assets.

Why choose BlueFort and Pentera?

Bluefort is a full-service IT Security Integrator, able to deliver end to end security solutions to meet your cyber security objectives.

Since 2007, Bluefort has been at the forefront of carefully selected technology partnerships which enables us to be considered subject matter experts of those technologies which provides insight and expertise to craft innovative solutions to secure our customer’s environment as fully as possible.

By working with Bluefort and Pentera, you can have peace of mind. Experts in the field of general cyber security and partnering with the best softwares and tools leaves us uniquely positioned to deliver incredible results.

If you’re looking to protect your organisation or evaluate your cybersecurity requirements or challenges: Tel: 01252 917000 Tel: 01252 917000, email or get in touch with us via our contact form.

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