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Cyber attackers are looking for new ways to enter your systems, causing chaos and devastation to your business. The way we have changed digitally means that the scope of the surface attacks has changed as well. The CyCognito platform does far more than just discover and create an inventory of your organisation's entire internet-exposed attack surface. It also tests and prioritises what needs to be fixed first.

BlueFort has partnered with CyCognito to provide an advanced solution to your cybersecurity threats.

Why use CyCognito?

In CyCognito’s own words, “​​our platform gives you a more accurate view of your most critical vulnerabilities because the foundation of its advanced reconnaissance and analysis is a broad, accurate view of your attack surface.”

Because the way we work has changed, and the digital transformation we have seen in global commerce to date, the way we get attacked and how we get attacked has changed. With more ways to access systems, software just like CyCognito is best positioned to identify where systems have vulnerabilities.

CyCognito has been a multiple award winner in cyber security including awards in Best Product SaaS/Cloud Security, Cutting Edge Security Company of the Year and Editors Choice InfoSec Startup of the Year.

Attack Surface Protection

CyCognito uses an attack surface protection approach to cyber security, effectively continuously analysing, identifying and testing the threats to all external facing I.T. assets.

  • Graphs Business and Asset Relationships - Finds the exposed assets and tells you which business unit owns them.
  • Determines Business Context - Evaluates the risk by determining the business purpose and data residing in each asset.
  • Tests Security at Scale - Automatically detects and validates all potential attack vectors across your entire external IT ecosystem.
  • Prioritises Risks - Focuses operations teams on fixing the most impactful risks first saving you time and money.
  • Accelerates Remediation - You can take immediate action by seeing which relevant guidance is needed.

By using this tried and tested approach, you can save time, money and prioritise your security requirements across your business needs.

Discovering what areas can be attacked and classifying which business assets are at most risk from these attacks gives you a better understanding and option to deal with cyber threats. CyCognito allows you to expand your entire external attack surface monitoring to give you a bigger scope - scaling protection across your whole business whilst remediating issues via streamlined workflow integrations.

Cloud Security

CyCognito works with your cloud security by using a 5 step process to deliver a strong cyber security solution.

The first step is to identify the assets which can pose a cyberthreat to your network. This includes; workloads, applications, servers, data, and other cloud or web assets owned by or affiliated with your organisation that present a risk of exposure and breach.

Security Testing
What elements of your security can expose weaknesses? Cloud assets such as misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, out-of-date software, exposed content, certificate problems, and more are all potential entry points.

What are the public-facing assets that are more attractive to hackers? CyCognito measures the significance of risks based on the business context of the asset, its attractiveness to an attacker and the severity of the security issue.

Who is responsible for dealing with the at-risk assets? Engage security teams to deal with issues. CyCognito notifies partners and subsidiaries of issues discovered with their assets. Using a colour system, red, blue and purple teams know where to focus additional scrutiny.

Tracking Progress
With ongoing monitoring, regular dashboard updates, analytics and graphical trends, CyCognito helps you measure progress and attain new insights so you can work smarter, not harder!

At the forefront of cloud security innovation, CyCognito is the go-to software to protect against attacks.

CyCognito’s features

Attack Surface Protection
Eliminate cybersecurity risks before attackers can exploit them.

Cloud Security
Find the exposed assets, remediate critical risks and validate security effectiveness.

Vulnerability Assessment
Identify all the vulnerabilities on your network on attacker exposed assets all the time.

Exploit Intelligence
Work smart by identifying the risks to fix immediately

Why Choose BlueFort

BlueFort Security is the UK’s leading partner of CyCognito, the first External Attack Surface Management (EASM) platform that delivers a complete solution to quickly prioritise, investigate, and respond to potential security risks.

By working together we can help expand your cybersecurity to meet all of your needs, even the ones you didn’t know you had. Through the use of CyCognito's powerful platform, we will be able to eliminate risks before they can be exploited, identify any area of vulnerability and work in an efficient manner.

With over 15 years of cybersecurity experience, we can bring knowledge and expertise to your team to help better prepare them for cyber attacks and be a support network in times of need.

If you’re looking to protect your organisation or evaluate your cybersecurity requirements or challenges: Tel: 01252 917000 , email or get in touch with us via our contact form

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