Searching Observability Data for Dummies

A recent study shows that enterprises create over 64 zettabytes (ZB) of data, and the volume of data is expected to reach around 175 ZB by 2026.

If this wasn’t challenging enough, enterprises use less than 2% of that created data.

The vast majority goes unseen and unused directly into a data store, because it’s too expensive and impractical to search.

Think about it – You’ve got to collect the data in question, pay to move and store it somewhere, and then query that data; all while hoping you find the needle in the haystack. On top of all that, tools today struggle with performing universal queries.

In fact, our ability to generate data has outstripped our ability to collect, search and analyse it. You need an additional option to the current search tooling, where you’re limited to collecting only what you can afford to ingest, as set by licencing limits.

The answer? Find the right tools to reduce your bloated data and find the real value.

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