A Buyer’s Guide to API Security

As the use of APIs grows exponentially across all aspects of modern business, new security challenges are emerging. A recent study from Noname found that 76% of companies surveyed had experienced an API security incident within the past 12 months. Nearly three-quarters of respondents did not have a complete API inventory or know which APIs return sensitive data.

When it comes to securing APIs, traditional web application security controls alone don’t provide a complete solution. Organisations need additional API-specific controls.

While a host of API security solutions have emerged over the last few years, navigating the myriad of vendors and their reported capabilities can be difficult. An API security platform is essential to protecting the security of your company. An API security platform is purposefully built to ensure security throughout the API lifecycle, encompassing all the processes that make an API security program successful.

Our Buyer’s Guide describes the key capabilities necessary for a comprehensive API security platform, defining the features and security controls needed to deliver more secure APIs and ensure the security of all APIs in production, regardless of their origin.

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