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Cyber security is no longer a 'nice to have' but a necessity to protect business data, access and credibility. At BlueFort we believe that it is vital to have a cyber security solution that is fit for purpose rather than one 'that will do for now'. BlueFort has partnered with Siemens Financial Services (SFS) to be able to offer flexible finance terms to make optimum cyber security more accessible to our customers should that flexibility be required.

With a tailored financing package from Siemens Financial Services (SFS), you can access better hardware, software, services and cloud technology, to help you stay in step with competitors, increase productivity and drive efficiency. Thousands of businesses in the UK choose asset finance with SFS because of the advantages it offers over other forms of finance. 


Conserves working capital Purchasing technology solutions outright could restrict a business’ resources. Affordable financing options from SFS allow our clients to save working capital for other projects.

Upgrade options Financing through SFS allows businesses to stay ahead of dynamic changes in technology use and respond to competitive pressure. It's easy to upgrade technology, either during or at the end of the financing period, to accommodate this rapid pace of change.

Convenience The vendor and SFS manage all the necessary documentation. We arrange finance to suit the technology in question, making acquisition straightforward whilst ensuring the term of the agreement is in line with the useful life of the technology solution.

Easier budgeting Unlike an overdraft or other methods of funding, payments are fixed. This allows for simple budgeting for the agreed term, with no unexpected outgoings.

Future credit Customers electing to finance technology solutions in this way leave existing lines of credit intact, for use in the future if required.

Each financing package is tailored to the individual customer and the technology they’re purchasing, offering complete, customised finance solutions. All of BlueFort's solutions, services, enterprise licence agreements  and technologies can be covered by these highly flexible terms.


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