Orca Security

With the threats posed in cybersecurity today, being able to be responsive immediately is essential. Orca “detects and prioritises security risks in minutes not months” making it a perfect solution for today’s rapidly changing digital world.

BlueFort has partnered with Orca to provide this leading software solution as part of our service.

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Why use Orca Security?

We have become a cloud based society, storing masses of information and data in a world that has meant we have innovated technology on the internet quicker than anyone could imagine, in the span of a decade business and personal life has been revolutionised.

Today that innovation poses a risk to our businesses. Orca security has made cloud security a priority, giving you and your teams the freedom to work and the peace of mind that liberates your organisation to do what it is best at doing.

Orca is a leading software in the cloud security world being widely recognised in the industry for Best Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) and Best Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM).

Context Aware Security

Orca uses an advanced system called Context Aware Security. Say goodbye to guesswork, false alarms and alert fatigue, instead, say hello to a system that predicts where attacks may come from and equally, prioritise which areas to fix first so that you’re best protected.

Context aware security starts by separating the 1% of alerts that demand quick action from the 99% that don’t, giving security teams the real issue to fix rather than getting fatigued and missing the critical items that needed attention.

By using a methodology which analyses an attacker’s point of view into your system, Orca understands where attacks can take place before they even have. Orca’s system then moves onto prioritising risk. Unlike other systems it does it by analysing severity, accessibility and the total business impact of a successful attack.

Make your cloud computing software bulletproof with Orca, today.

Automation and Customisation

A clear advantage of the Orca suite is that you can create your own automated processes. This allows you to prioritise, customise, and integrate alerts into your existing workflows to improve efficiency, expedite remediation, and increase ROI.

Orca allows you to “quickly access essential intelligence and automatically assign cloud security issues to specific teams for more efficient triage, remediation, and compliance management.”

Automation can be done through a simple interface using a query language that offers three core capabilities: advanced querying, alerting, and automation. With over 600 system queries that are available out-of-the-box, no development experience is needed to create these alerts. It’s simple which means, there is nothing that your teams can’t think of to make your life smarter not harder.

Orca is also a suite that can be customised and integrated with other platforms such as PagerDuty, OpsGenie, or Slack amongst many others.

Orca’s Solutions

Vulnerability Management
Orca discovers and prioritises the vulnerabilities in the cloud.

Identity and access management
Orca detects, prioritises, and continuously monitors for common and obscure identity and access management (IAM) misconfigurations

Malware detection
Orca performs signature-based and heuristic malware scanning with no impact on cloud workloads.

Sensitive data detection
Orca discovers sensitive data that is not properly protected or has been compromised.

Cloud detection and response
Orca identifies and responds to cloud attacks by continuously collecting and analysing intelligence from cloud feeds.

Lateral movement risk
Orca detects risks and vulnerabilities that could enable lateral movement in your cloud estate

Why Choose BlueFort

BlueFort is a full-service IT Security Integrator, able to deliver end to end security solutions to meet your cyber security objectives. Since 2007, BlueFort has been at the forefront of carefully selected technology partnerships which enables us to be considered subject matter experts of those technologies which provides insight and expertise to craft innovative solutions to secure our customer’s environment as fully as possible.

By working with BlueFort and Orca, you can have peace of mind that your cloud based technology security is under control. Experts in the field of general cyber security and partnering with the best softwares and tools leaves us uniquely positioned to deliver incredible results.

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