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Whilst APIs have only been around for the last two decades, their use in recent years has been phenomenal. Allowing two different programs to interact with each other. I.e. Google with, they have opened up a world for developers and equally, the potential for cyber attacks. 

BlueFort has partnered with Noname, an API security platform that specifically checks for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and design flaws with API access.

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Why use Noname?

With over 1000 cyberattacks prevented daily and over 20% of FTSE 500 companies using the software, there is a reason why Noname has become an industry leading application and why partnering with Bluefort has made it easier for your organisation to benefit from the very best in cybersecurity.

Discovering all of your APIs including HTTP, RESTful, GraphQL, SOAP, XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, and gRPC, detecting threats whilst preventing attacks and testing API security before production has positioned Noname as one of the best API security platforms in the world today.

In 2022, Noname won Most Innovative API Security, Hot Company Cloud Security, and Most Innovative Security Company of the Year in 10th Annual Global InfoSec Awards at #RSAC 2022

API Security

API security is a complicated system. Thanks to the proliferation of APIs by developers in recent years, being able to secure all the weak spots of your cyber security infrastructure is going to be an essential aspect of your requirements today.

Noname works to address your API security in three specific ways.

Firstly, it identifies all of the associated API security types including HTTP, RESTful, GraphQL, SOAP, XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, and gRPC. This analyses rogue APIs not managed by an API gateway, and catalogue data type classifications for all APIs.
Secondly it detects the API threats and prevents attacks by monitoring “real-time traffic using AI and ML-based detection to uncover data leakage, data tampering, data policy violations, suspicious behaviour, and API security attacks.”

Finally, Noname tests API security before production. What this essentially means is that before an API is produced to integrate with your service/product, Noname can develop greater speed, efficacy, and scale with integrated API-specific testing for CI/CD pipelines before an API is launched.

Do you have one or one hundred APIs connected to your system? Don’t you know how many APIs could be a potential security threat? Contact our team of specialists today to make sure your developers, or someone else's, isn't going to be giving you a headache.

Noname’s Solutions

Noname has several industry leading solutions including;

Real-Time Inventory of APIs
Regardless of how many you have, or what type they are, you can stick them in a real time inventory to assess security and export that data into a manageable file.

Proactive Remediation
Pursue manual or semi-automated remediation for various alert types. When issues become known to recur, leverage full automation.

API Attack Prevention
You can reduce the potential of attacks without any change to production infrastructure.

Why Choose BlueFort

Our expert team can provide you with the support you need to set up Noname as well as manage the security threats your organisation might face. By partnering with Noname, we can provide you with a system that provides proactive cybersecurity solutions.

APIs connecting to your infrastructure can be a huge threat for any cybersecurity team. With our 15 years of experience and expert knowledge of the field you can rely on our support to provide the best solutions possible.

We will help your existing team grow more efficient and knowledgeable when it comes to API security, thanks to the powerful systems that our partnership with Noname provides.

If you’re looking to protect your organisation or evaluate your cybersecurity requirements or challenges: Tel: 01252 917000 Tel: 01252 917000, email or get in touch with us via our contact form.

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