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What is BlueFort Evolve?

Many CISOs find themselves in a tight spot. Not only are IT teams desperately playing a game of catch-up after the pandemic, many are stretched due to a lack of trained staff. The skills gap, which was already present pre-pandemic, has only widened in our post-pandemic world. As you scramble to hit reset, do you have the skills and resource to support your new vision? And if not, how can technology help to plug those gaps?

Evolve is the UK's most feature rich cyber security support program. Providing BlueFort clients with enhanced system support, regular Evolve HealthChecks and expertise-on-demand for an array of market leading cyber technologies, including Palo Alto, F5, SecurID, CrowdStrike, Trellix, Ivanti, Fortinet and many more. The program offers a simple and predictable method to consume and experience BlueFort approved leading edge cyber tools, as well as other benefits which include attending exclusive member events, leveraging inclusive scans and system Evolve HealthChecks.

Why Choose Evolve?

Unlike standard cyber security service providers, BlueFort provide customer perks baked into our Evolve program which address key issues facing today’s CISOs. Namely the ever-growing cyber skills shortage, the ability to access pre-approved cyber security technologies, the knowledge that you’ll be working with a trusted partner and flexible access to professional services. Critically, our Evolve Solution Stacks enable a focus on core areas of information security to give clear and agile access to tried and tested solutions. As we work with you through the ever-changing cyber threat surface, we’re perfectly positioned to recommend complimentary technologies to your incumbent stack.

Our solution is accessible, flexible and proactive. We will actively support you and work alongside you as your trusted partner and an extension of your team.

How Can Evolve Help You?

Hear more about Evolve from CEOs Ian Jennings and Dave Henderson, as they explain more about our new cyber security support program and how it can help your organisation with skills shortages and provide you with flexible access to professional services. 👉👉



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BlueFort Discovers

BlueFort Discovers is a stack of cyber security partnerships that gives visibility back to organisations and their cyber security teams. It gives you the insight that you need across your entire digital footprint to make informed decisions about where to focus protection. From detecting critical weaknesses and vulnerabilities to forgotten assets and unknown cloud resources, we ensure that our clients can always have the information at their fingertips.

Using leading edge cyber tools to improve visibility of users (movers, leavers and joiners), vulnerabilities, digital assets, sensitive data, zero-day threats, insecure devices and APIs, our clients are equipped with the fullest view possible of their true threat surface...after all, you can’t secure what you can’t see.

BlueFort ID

Only by applying the principles of zero trust, strong authentication and the context around events transactions that affect your data and users can you defend yourself in the digital world. BlueFort ID gives out clients the assurance that they remain in control of identities and how this relates to their data and systems.

BlueFort ID is our stack of interoperable technologies designed to verify the identity of those who have access to data, systems and operations. By enabling a comprehensive access management strategy, it becomes possible to integrate multi-factor verification and user management tools in order to implement a truly secure user management infrastructure.


BlueFort Protects

BlueFort Protects provides a complete, holistic set of cyberdefence tools that work to cover not only against traditional exploits but also new and emerging threat vectors.

BlueFort Protects is our technology stack of market leading defensive cybersecurity tools. By building partnerships with world leading expert solution providers, BlueFort is able to extend our expertise and services wrap across foundational security technologies, ensuring our clients maximise their defensive cyber security investments and protection levels.

BlueFort Delivers

BlueFort Delivers provides our clients with the technology and confidence to roll out applications to their users and customers in a secure, scalable and performant manner.

BlueFort Delivers is our stack of proactive secure application delivery technologies. Using application and API aware delivery technologies, we can ensure that users reach their optimised applications in a fast, secure and highly available way. Ensuring that the right users get access to the right apps at the right time is the key to a modern cyber security framework.



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