On Demand Webinar: Understand Your Active Directory Threats

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Did you know 80% of breaches used compromised identities and many threats go unnoticed in Active Directory due to lack of attention, ability and prioritisation for AD hygiene? While the reasons to believe in identity protection are escalating, many organisations do not prioritise AD hygiene, making these types of attacks prevalent.

Catch up on BlueFort Security and Crowdstrike's on demand webinar to understand more about Identity Threat Detection Response solutions and how Crowdstrike’s Complimentary Active Directory Risk Assessment will help your organisation.

We'll explore:

  • How and where to shutdown security gaps: get instant visibility into AD hygiene and potentially compromised credentials.
  • Insights of potential risks: receive insights into possible identity-based attack paths that adversaries can exploit with expert advice on how to address them.
  • How to get proactive: understand how to protect your organisation from modern identity-based attacks like ransomware, lateral movement, service account misuse and more - before they happen.
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