Cyber Attack Simulation

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Ask yourself, if you were hit with a cyber attack / breach:

  • Could you recognise the early signs?
  • Would you know when to notify the board and what information they will need?
  • Would your pr or marketing team know how to react?
  • Do you understand your legal obligations?
  • Could you track what the hacker or malicious software is doing?
  • Could you stop it?


If the answer is no or not sure to any of those questions then watch our latest simulated cyber attack.

Watch our latest Cyber Attack Simulation on demand now

Based on a real life breach. Hosted by cyber breach experts, legal and crisis comms experts who guide you through a a simulated cyber attack providing insights and perspective at each stage of the attack.

  • Participate in a real time attack to understand how to take back control
  • Build confidence in taking the right actions that will protect your company
  • Gain a deep understanding of the consequences of specific actions
  • Hosted by cyber breach response experts from FireEye Mandiant
  • Practical and engaging way to understand threats, risks and responses


Typical feedback we get is that these are simulation events is ‘eye-opening’ ‘thought provoking’ ‘valuable’ and ‘scary!’. 


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