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Where is my application cyber threat surface in 2022 and how do I defend it?

Join our live, interactive, online event with Q&A as we answer the question “Where is my application cyber threat surface in 2022 and how do I defend it?”.  This event will be broadcast to an online audience for CISOs, CTOs, CIOs and I&O executives.

On the sofa will be cybersecurity experts from F5, CyCognito and NoName – they also have booths in our virtual exhibition centre packed with high-level industry content for viewing and download. You’ll also be able to book your place on next month’s deep dive demos if you’d and book a meeting with one of their cybersecurity experts.

This event will be hosted by the vibrant cybersecurity expert, Graham Cluley and we'll discuss topics including: 

✅ What are my assets?

✅ Where are my cloud assets and are they secured?

✅ How can I be sure that the plethora of agile apps I’m developing are continuously secure?

✅ How can I automate and maintain consistent cyber protection for these apps in a diverse multi-cloud environment?

This is the must attend event for the UK CISO community who will be able to interact, vote and pose questions to the panellists throughout the 75 minute broadcast.

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