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Why automated penetration testing
Spending on cyber security tools is at an all time high, yet high profile breaches are still commonplace. This is because hackers are more sophisticated than ever before and organisations are unaware of where their true vulnerabilities lie.
To prevent attackers from being successful we need to think like them, behave like them and mimic their techniques... Now, thanks to PenTera, organisations can even up the playing field - using automation to gain an advantage by continuously stress testing and validating their security controls.
 PenTera will allow you to:
  • See your infrastructure as an attacker would; identify your vulnerabilities, gain insight on the impact they pose, then find out how to remediate them.
  • Validate whether your security tools and protocols are working, 365 days a year - and notify you when any elements of the network can be compromised.
  • Improve the knowledge of your security team, as PenTera will not only find the issues in your organisation, but also teach you how to fix them!
In this webinar, we conducted a live automated penetration test to show how organisations can obtain valuable insight about the effectiveness of their security controls and the key risks to their security.
Watch our live automated penetration testing, on demand now

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