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Cyber-security events

BlueFort run regular Cyber Attack Simulation events alongside cyber-security insight and demo webinars.

Find out more about our upcoming events, catch up on our previous webinar recordings and register below.


16 June 2021

Book your place at Bluefort.Live where we will be discussing the findings of our recent independent research into Cyber Security issues resulting from Covid 19 on the 9th July, 3:30 pm.

Automated Penetration testing live

12 November 2020

We teamed up with Pcysys to bring you a live demo of automated penetration testing through PenTera

Uncover the hidden risks of shadow IT

28 July 2020

One third of successful attacks on enterprises targets data that’s held in unsanctioned IT resources. Discover the threat shadow IT poses to your business, and how to manage it.

Identity Management Webinar

15 July 2020

We teamed up with RSA to bring you a Infosec webinar focusing on the future of identity management.

Application Protection Webinar

13 May 2020

We teamed up with F5 to bring you our latest webinar focusing on app security.

Visibility Webinar

23 April 2020

Josh Neame BlueFort's Presales Director focuses on how to gain full visibility of your data, devices, users and network so you can take a more strategic and informed approach to cyber-security.

Cyber Attack Simulation - on demand

22 April 2020

Hear from breach remediation, legal and crisis comms experts as they guide you through a cyber attack. Test yourself and your team on how you would respond at each stage of an attack.