Solution Validation

Putting your defences to the test, securely

One of the key fundamentals of an efficient cyber security investment is solution validation – i.e. is it effective. With the speed of change in the cyber security industry and the complexity of systems, networks and solutions there will always be vulnerabilities to exploit so it’s important to be aware of vulnerabilities on your network so you can mitigate the risk. 



BlueFort cyber assessment

A great way to get an independent 360 review of your investments is to book in a BlueFort cyber assessment. This is a top-level overview and road mapping session based around your existing environment, focusing on your investments and configuration.

Following the independent review, you will receive a comprehensive report and we will discuss any recommended improvements with you.

BlueFort can focus these assessments either across your environment or based on a particular technology investment, this can be tailored to suit your requirements and this is agreed up front.

Penetration testing

This can be approached in many ways. Typically, companies will outsource penetration tests or invest in automated software options that run simulated attacks. Depending on which approach you want to take, we have partnerships with FireEye Mandiant and Psycys who are leaders in this space.


User education

With the explosion of phishing attacks, both email and mobile, user education is key to prevent your users from unintentionally helping hackers to access your network by clicking links, downloading malicious software or giving up their credentials. We recommend training and then regularly testing your users to see if additional training is required, there are many great options available and we are happy to recommend to you a few of our favourites.