Mobile Security

Working from anywhere, and any device, securely

With the boom in remote and flexible working over the last decade many organisations have embraced mobile devices with open arms. As a result, many internal IT teams forfeited sovereignty over these devices, which reach deep into corporate servers and sensitive databases.




Opportunity vs risk

Mobile devices can reach as deep into corporate servers and databases as our owned corporate devices can. Typically, mobile devices are not secured as tightly as owned corporate laptops.

Mobiles may not be patched as regularly, downloads of data and applications are usually not as stringently monitored. Users are more likely to link their devices to public wifi hotspots and browser usage is unlikely to be locked down, offering a host of opportunity for anyone with malicious intent.


Mobile devices also come with a range of mobile specific threats. For example, Phishing is no longer reserved for email. Increasingly we see phishing on messenger apps, SMS and social media to persuade users to click malicious links and download dodgy apps and attachments.

User Privacy, company security

Privacy can also be an issue, especially in a BYOD scenario, BlueFort works with vendors who create a ring-fenced area on the device which the company can then control, and which is separate from the rest of the phone data or apps. This preserves privacy for the user and security for the organisation.


BlueFort works closely with specialist mobile security vendors such as Wandera and MobileIron. We also regularly work mobile security into larger transformation project where vendors whose solutions compliment mobile security well such as RSA and F5 are more appropriate. We understand that every business has different challenges, priorities and configurations, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ and we work with our clients to ensure they have a solution that suits their requirements.

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