IT Security Solutions

We don’t sell products, we design and implement solutions

Applying our expertise, to build world class solutions from our portfolio of technology partners by focusing on the needs of our customers and adapting to the evolving cyber-security landscape.



Popular solutions

We pride ourselves on designing the best suited solutions to meet your cyber-security goals. Sometimes these are stand-alone solutions or form a part of a larger transformational project.

A selection of our most popular project requests and how we can help you are detailed below:

Application Security

Protecting your most important assets - your apps!

Digital Transformation

Whatever stage in your Cloud journey you are at there are always improvements to be made and opportunities to embrace… intrigued? Read on.

Identity Management

Assurance of Identity with improved User Experience

Mobile Security

Making sure mobile devices are not posing additional risk to your network

Solution Validation

Putting your defences to the test, securely

Secure Remote Access

Can your users work as securely and conveniently away from the office as they do when they are in the office? If no, not sure, or not easily read on.

“Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and BlueFort’s relationship has spanned over ten years, working together on projects such as secure remote access, firewall refreshes and application delivery. We have had positive experiences working with BlueFort’s account management and technical teams.
BlueFort’s team of technical experts have been particularly helpful to us in reviewing the market for solutions to best fit our complex needs, then implementing and continually supporting us.”

Dan Persson, Deputy Director of ICT - Strategic Development at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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