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Security assessment and validation to ensure your cybersecurity investments are optimised and fit for purpose

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Your IT security systems have been designed to defend against advanced cyberattacks, data loss and malicious activity – but do they? Solution validation solutions by BlueFort assess your defences to verify everything is operating correctly and identifies outstanding issues that still require attention.

Validation testing allows you to target resources where they will have the greatest effect – and to identify potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.



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What is solution validation?

Solution validation is a series of best practice reviews and simulated cyberattacks conducted to verify that IT security defences have been correctly deployed and configured to provide maximum protection against exploitation. These tests are typically automated and conducted regularly to ensure defences continue to protect as expected.

BlueFort offer automated penetration testing, running a range of simulated attacks and scenarios at the click of a button, providing a detailed report of achievements and recommended remediation almost instantly.

This security assessment and validation report provides a baseline of operations and can be used to build a roadmap of improvements and future investments. It will also form the basis for future solution validation tests, allowing you to document improvements made and their effect on overall security posture.

Why your business needs solution validation

Without solution validation, your security provisions are untested.

They should work as expected, but you need proof if the systems are to be trusted and relied upon. Automated solution testing and validation generates that proof. The threat landscape changes so rapidly that a solution that was fit for purpose 6 months ago may not be fully protecting you any longer and tweaks may be required.

Security validation services from BlueFort allow you to confirm that your defences, or a specific aspect of your system, have been properly configured and hardened against attack. This testing uncovers flaws in your approach and is a useful tool for planning remedial work, or system upgrades and replacements where appropriate.

Solution validation testing should be performed regularly to provide an accurate picture of the changing threat landscape and to ensure your defences are always properly optimised.

Periodic assessments help to de-risk your environment and offer peace-of-mind that your investments are yielding the benefits expected and that large transformational projects are prioritising security.

Most importantly of all, solution validation provides early warning of potential vulnerabilities, allowing you to address them before they can be exploited.

User education

With the explosion of attacks, most notably email phishing and mobile phishing, cyber security user education is key to prevent your users from unintentionally helping hackers to access your network.

We recommend training and then regularly sending tests to your users to see if additional training is required, there are many great cyber security awareness training options available and we are happy to recommend to you a few of our favourites.

How our solution validation service works

The BlueFort solution validation service is tailored to your specific project requirements. Our expert security consultants can test your entire environment or target a specific system of interest. We then produce a detailed report outlining your current security posture and suggested improvements to further strengthen defences.

A BlueFort cyber assessment, offers an independent 360º review of your investments. This is a top-level overview and road mapping session based around your existing environment, focusing on your investments and configuration.

BlueFort can focus these assessments either across your environment or based on a particular technology investment that we specialise in, this can be tailored to suit your requirements and will be agreed up front.

Our report will also make recommendations about other security testing options, such as penetration testing, where appropriate to provide a greater understanding of your environment and to identify other low-level exploits that may not have been fully identified during solution validation.

Why Choose Bluefort Security for solution validation?

With Cyber Essentials Plus, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification, BlueFort is the UK’s leading cybersecurity solutions provider. Working exclusively within IT security, our security validation recommendations are based on extensive industry knowledge and previous successful testing projects.

Every validation test we perform is built around your needs. We’re here to improve the overall security of your IT assets to help you implement best practice improvements.

BlueFort engineers are happy to answer your questions and to fully explain the results of every validation test.


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