Secure Remote Access

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Secure Remote Access

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A remote access security solution is essential to the new distributed workforce model, preventing data loss, theft and corruption. We’ll help you identify and implement the solutions you need to enable secure, encrypted remote access from office to home, and multi factor authentication solutions that protect against account compromise without complicating the logon process.

What is Secure Remote Access?

Secure remote service allows employees to access business systems and data from outside the company network. Access is controlled using several layered techniques including multi factor authentication, data encryption and AI based behavioural analytics to confirm the user’s identity at logon.

Remote working allows staff to carry out their roles away from the office and allows them to access the key tools that they require to do so. These in-house systems could range from things like:

  • devices,
  • data and applications,
  • telephony and
  • communications systems.

Privileged remote access solutions help to verify identity and control access, while creating a seamless logon experience for end users. Often remote access combines several technologies to federate logins across the IT environment, maintaining best practice security standards in the process.

Secure remote access also deals with the issue of protecting corporate data. Information can be encrypted in transit and at rest on the client device to deter hackers. And endpoint security solutions minimise the number of potential attack surfaces even as the number of connected devices increases.

Why your organisation needs secure remote access?

Secure remote access is critical to protecting corporate IT systems and data as your business embraces the shift to work from home. You need to be sure that the same security standards and protections are applied outside the network perimeter as well as inside.

Secure remote policies for employees address several threats including mobile device hacking, web traffic interception, and user account compromise.

These tools are designed to help your remote workers increase productivity while keeping bad actors out of your network and to prevent loss or theft of your corporate information assets.

Using single sign on (SSO) and advanced multi factor authentication (MFA), you can simplify login processes for users, reduce the admin overhead on your support teams and use intelligent automation to detect and block suspicious activity automatically.

Endpoint detection and response will also help you to better protect users outside the network perimeter, allowing for instant mitigation of suspicious activity, containing spread and limiting potential damage.

How our secure remote access services work?

The BlueFort secure remote access solutions are tailored to your business strategy, information security requirements and your remote working set-up.

There are plenty of secure remote office solution options. Our expert security consultants will assess your current remote working security provisions and advise how new technologies and services will minimise the risks posed by cloud secure remote access to corporate systems.

Secure remote office solution

From commercial SSO offerings to bespoke privileged access management systems, we build the defences your business needs to face the challenges of the future.

Our consultants listen carefully to your remote access security requirements and help you build a plan for the future. Combining our knowledge and experience with cutting-edge remote authentication solutions allows us to build safeguards that meet your immediate goals and provide a platform that flexes and grows as your business needs and processes change.

BlueFort will specify, deploy and support your solution set, reducing your management overheads, improving the secured remote services working experience and giving you the benefit of our extensive IT security experience.

The remote working security landscape is undergoing constant development and change and BlueFort is here to help you succeed.

Why choose BlueFort Security for secure remote access?

BlueFort is the UK’s leading cyber security solutions provider, specialising in remote working security solutions and more. Our network remote access security solution recommendations are based on extensive industry knowledge and previous successful deployments.

BlueFort proudly holds Cyber Essentials Plus, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications, demonstrating our commitment to ongoing quality and excellence for our customers.

Everything we do is built to satisfy your needs. Every secure remote access solution is specified and configured to the specifics of your network and distributed workforce. And our multi-award winning technical support team is always available to assist once implementation has been completed.

We often find that secure access comes hand in hand with multi factor authentication projects and cloud transformation projects, leaning on BlueFort experts for design, configuration and installation support.

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