Secure Remote Access

Getting your users out and about, securely.

Business Continuity

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Ultimately, remote working allows staff to carry out their roles away from the office and allows them to access the key tools that they require to do so. These tools could range from things like devices, data and applications, telephony and communications systems. So, how can you provide secure remote access if you cannot trust your user credentials, devices or access points on their own merit? 



Convenient Authentication

Authentication boils down to – 'can I trust that users accessing the network should be doing so'. Taking a zero-trust approach implies that we won’t trust any factor in its own right. For example; a corporate device needs to be paired up with accurate credentials and a 'usual location' for us to be confident in their identity.

Best practice authentication solution takes into account factors above and beyond ‘do they have the right credentials?’ Modern multi factor authentication (MFA) solutions consider a whole host of variable factors; how you log on, where from, what you are accessing, time accessed, device used… and so on. This is much more difficult for hackers to imitate in order to gain access to your network and is also less intrusive to the user.

Once the user has been authenticated it’s then possible to quickly sign them onto the other applications with no further action from the user themselves. This Single Sign-On works across cloud, hybrid and VPN access to on-premise access. Not only does it simplify the user experience, it means less calls to the helpdesk and vastly improved security too.


Secure Access

In recent years, the concept of remote access has changed; today’s computing environment is typically a mix of on-premise and cloud resources. For many cloud-based applications, the key components should already be battle tested by ‘business as usual’ operations. Cloud based infrastructure naturally offers flexibility in usage, although typically at a cost, and improved resilience.

For on-premise applications the situation is usually more nuanced. Typically, these applications will be a VPN for regular remote working. We partner with Cloud first VPN technology vendors who can seamlessly blend user experience whether they are accessing cloud or on-premise applications.

We often find that secure access comes hand in hand with multi factor authentication projects and cloud transformation projects, leaning on BlueFort experts for design, configuration and installation support.

Encrypted Traffic

94% of UK Google Chrome web traffic is encrypted. If your investments are unable to inspect this traffic, then you are potentially letting encrypted threats and encrypted malware through your doors. Whether it's recommendations for adding SSL interrogation for individual inspection technologies or centrally decrypting and intelligently forwarding traffic only to the most appropriate inspection we have a range of solutions to help.

Endpoint Security

Securing your endpoints has become more vital than ever. A boom in remote working has resulted in a huge increase in network endpoints. Each a potential access point into the network that IT may not have jurisdiction over. Centralised endpoint security protects devices from threats, regardless of if they are connected to the network or not. Most of our vendor partners offer endpoint security solutions so we can work with you to determine the most appropriate for your environment.

We understand that every business has differing configurations, priorities and set ups, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ and we work with our clients to ensure they have a solution that works for them. If you would like to chat through some options please contact us today.

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