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The average lifecycle of a breach lasts 279 days – and it takes 206 days to even realise there’s a problem. An intrusion detection system will help to shorten that timeframe, and minimise the potential damage caused by hackers. Automating the detection process improves overall security posture, taking pressure off the network security team and freeing them to focus on other tasks.



What is an Intrusion Detection Service?

An intrusion detection system uses a combination of tools and techniques to identify and mitigate inbound attacks from malicious third parties. The idea is to spot and block hacking attempts as early as possible to limit potential damage.

Depending on your infrastructure, BlueFort deploys a combination of network intrusion detection (NIDS) vs host system intrusion detection system (HIDS). This allows for the detection of incoming threats at all layers of your operations.

Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)

NIDS monitors network activity at the perimeter, inspecting inbound packets for suspicious patterns. The intrusion prevention system then assesses the severity of the attack and implements a pre-defined set of activities to raise an alert and begin the mitigation process.

Host-based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS)

HIDS system works in a similar way, monitoring incoming network traffic and operations on the host system. The detection system software alerts your network team to any activity that circumvents the local security policy.

Why your organisation needs Intrusion Detection Systems

The current breach lifecycle is simply too long, allowing hackers to access secure systems and sensitive data for months undetected. IDS security systems are an important tool for reducing that window of opportunity, and for limiting the damage caused in the event of a successful breach.

One report suggests the global average cost of a data breach is over £2.8m. If the breach lifecycle can be reduced from the current average of 289 days to less than 200, the cost falls by more than £750k.

By replacing manual processes with automated inspection, an IDS can assist with shortening the time to fix. You will also see a reduction in false positives. An automated detection system reduces the amount of IT team resources spent on threat hunting, allowing you to better allocate them to resolving priority issues.

IDS systems

HIDS and NIDS are valuable tools for maximising IT security spend as the number of potential threats to your network continues to grow exponentially.

How our Intrusion Detection System Service Works

After analysing your current infrastructure set-up and wider business goals, BlueFort will design, configure and deploy an intrusion detection system tailored to your specific needs.

Our solutions monitor intrusions at both network and system level to provide comprehensive, reliable detection capabilities.

BlueFort takes full ownership of the project, from design to deployment to optimisation. We identify the correct combination of host and network intrusion systems to protect your endpoints and mitigate unauthorised access attempts. These are complete turnkey solutions, pre-configured and ready for hand-over to your IT security team.

As well as maximising your intrusion detection capabilities, our service is designed to help your IT team to work smarter. During deployment, our consultants do the heavy lifting so your engineers can concentrate on strategic activities.

Afterwards, our technical support team is on hand to answer questions and provide additional guidance to ensure you realise maximum value from your investment.

HIDS and NIDS solutions

HIDS and NIDS solutions can be integrated with your other network security tools to provide truly comprehensive defence, monitoring and reporting capabilities for all of your assets.

Why Choose BlueFort Security for Intrusion Detection System services

BlueFort is the UK’s leading cyber security solutions provider, offering a complete range of network defence technologies and services, including Network Intrusion Detection Systems.

Our specialist IT security portfolio is built on our extensive industry knowledge and experience. Our commitment to quality and excellence is confirmed by our certifications, including Cyber Essentials Plus, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

Every BlueFort solution is tailored to the specific security needs of your business. We build intrusion prevention detection systems that secures your network assets and deliver on your strategic goals without impacting the user experience. And our multi-award-winning technical support team is always available to provide urgent technical assistance or to answer questions about your systems and how to get more from them.

Our IT security expertise and customer-centric approach is why organisations like the NHS, Aviva, Virgin Media and Greater Manchester Police rely on BlueFort to deliver reliable, robust network intrusion detection systems.


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