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Remote working has blurred the network perimeter creating hundreds of new potential attack surfaces for cybercriminals. Endpoint security services from BlueFort help you to secure devices located at the edge of your network and to monitor incoming traffic, reducing the risk of compromise and improving availability and performance. EDR solutions provide centralised tools to automate detection and response to security events quickly and effectively, enhancing your posture and better protecting the business.



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What is Endpoint Detection and Response?

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) describes the technologies and processes used to secure network nodes against cyberattack. This includes anti malware and firewalls, along with monitoring and reporting tools, allowing businesses to enhance endpoint protection as part of a robust IT security strategy.

An effective EDR security platform will deliver four key functions:

Used in combination, these features dramatically strengthen endpoint security by reducing the risk of a network breach. Endpoint detection and response solutions empower your team to respond to security events quickly and effectively.

Why your organisation needs Endpoint Security

The growth of the remote workforce has made endpoint security a strategic necessity. The ability to detect and block threats before they reach the core of the network will strengthen your security posture and reduce the risk of costly, embarrassing system compromise.

Endpoint detection and response tools monitor your network nodes, automating responses to suspicious activity. The faster your business can discover and mitigate threats, the better able you are to contain potential damage.

Virtually all security breaches begin at the network edge. Stopping attacks early protects your information assets against loss or theft. Endpoint protection will also prove useful in upholding data protection and compliance obligations, avoiding fines and damage to reputation in the event of a breach.

Looking to the future, endpoint intrusion detection opens the way to increasingly flexible operations too. Knowing that endpoints can be secured anywhere in the world means that your business can increase the use of flexible and remote working, building global teams of all the best talent - securely.

How our Endpoint Detection & Response Service Works

Endpoint security combines EDR solutions with robust processes to automate the detection and mitigation of threats at the network perimeter.

By combining antimalware, intrusion detection and reporting and alerting functionality, endpoint detection and response services from BlueFort empowers your IT security team to extend robust defences to the very edge of the network and beyond.

Endpoint detection and response is specifically designed to monitor and mitigate malicious activity before it can reach the network core. Endpoint protection intrusion detection analyses incoming network traffic, automatically blocking or redirecting anything suspicious. At the same time, endpoint protection malware detection is scanning files, folders and system processes for indications of virus or ransomware infections.

EDR will automate many of the early response activities, removing malware or blocking network access attempts by hackers. The system then forwards alerts, along with the results of its analysis to your network security team for scrutiny so that they can fine-tune and improve operations further.

Where defences are breached, the forensic analysis capabilities of EDR solutions allow you to gather evidence for further investigation. These insights can then be passed to law enforcement and inform configuration and process changes required to improve endpoint security.

Why Choose Bluefort Security for Endpoint Security

BlueFort is the UK’s leading provider of cyber security solutions, including endpoint security. Our specialist IT security portfolio, including the endpoint detection and response services and tools, is built on our extensive industry knowledge and experience.

As part of our ongoing commitment to service quality and excellence, BlueFort is proud to hold Cyber Essentials Plus, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications.

Everything BlueFort does is designed to meet the specific security needs of your business and your strategic growth plans. We build endpoint protection solutions specific to the needs of your users and customers, to protect company information assets and deliver an excellent customer experience.

The BlueFort multi-award winning technical support team is always available, whether you need urgent technical assistance, expert advice on your endpoint security strategy or just answers to the most basic questions. Our IT security expertise and customer-centric approach is why organisations like the NHS, Aviva, Virgin Media and Greater Manchester Police rely on BlueFort to assist with their endpoint security protections.


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