Integrating Cloud, securely

Whatever stage in your Cloud security journey you are at, there are always improvements to be made and opportunities to embrace… intrigued? Read on.

Managing Cloud Transformation Risk

We teamed up with RSA to bring you a guide on managing cloud transformation risk... view it here.

Generically, Digital Transformation is the use of digital technologies within an organisation to change and improve how the business operates.  Almost all organisations are in a constant state of Digital Transformation in some shape or other.  

What is Cloud computing?

At present, one of the most common examples of Digital Transformation is the move to cloud computing.  This can range from Software as a Service (SaaS), where individual departments within a business can subscribe to on-demand applications that best fit their requirements, through to IT departments consuming ad-hoc compute power or migrating entire data centres to the cloud with Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings. 

'Cloud' comes with bags of flexibility, scope for improvements. additional functionality and opportunities however there is also additional risk. BlueFort works closely with companies at all stages of cloud transformation and digitisation projects to help them to mitigate any cyber security risks.

Benefits of the Cloud

Some of the obvious benefits of cloud computing to a business include reduced and predictable costs for infrastructure, improving efficiency of IT staff by removing routine tasks such as patching or upgrading systems, enhanced performance and reach to staff with globally available services which also improves business continuity.  To the user, they are now able to access information from almost anywhere, on any device, whenever they need to, enabling them to be more productive.

More flexibility, new risks

It’s this flexibility however that creates the need for careful consideration as you make the move to cloud.  Consider that a user could access data you own or are responsible for securing, on a device, network and infrastructure that you don’t own. This can lead to blind spots for traditional defences and needs a different approach to ensure you retain control of who accesses your data, on what device and what they are able to do with it.

BlueFort work with a range of partners that can support with visibility into cloud adoption and blind spots such as shadow IT, these help business' understand and mitigate any cloud risk.