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Whatever stage in your Cloud security journey you are at, there are always improvements to be made and opportunities to embrace… intrigued? Read on.

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As your digital transformation efforts mature, mitigating cloud security risks is a strategic priority. Your business needs to be sure that applications and data stored in the cloud are properly protected against theft, loss or damage. BlueFort offer a comprehensive suite of tools and services that enable you to realise all the benefits of the cloud without taking on an unacceptable level of risk.

What is cloud security?

A successful cloud security approach involves multiple tools and techniques to reduce risk of data loss, theft or damage when hosted in cloud services.

This means maintaining control of who accesses data, on which device and what they are able to do with it.

Cloud computing security services help your business address the challenges of the new cloud computing environment. To succeed, you will need increased visibility into users, data and applications. Your teams will also need to become more agile, adapting quickly to the increased pace of change and development of cloud services.

The collaborative nature of the cloud means that service usage often extends beyond your own workforce, introducing supply chain risk and further complicating user management and access controls. 

Cloud security solutions provide practical tools to address these issues.

Why your business needs Cloud Security?

Cloud services multiply the challenges faced by your IT team. In addition to managing data and access controls based in hosted systems, the range of devices and users accessing those resources exponentially increases the range of potential attack surfaces.

This makes cloud security a strategic necessity.

Without a robust cloud security architecture, your hosted assets are under constant threat. Partnering with BlueFort will help you identify these threats and the technologies and processes to mitigate them. Cloud security solutions will provide greater insight and oversight of your data, allowing you to see who is accessing your data, how they are using it and where they are accessing it from.

Greater visibility provides greater control - and automated tools can even detect and block suspicious activity automatically, reducing your management overheads and risk of compromise.

Cloud security solutions will:

  • improve protection,
  • reduce operating costs,
  • minimise risk,
  • boost compliance and
  • help your business realise all available benefits of the cloud.
How our cloud security service works

Cloud technology is evolving rapidly and BlueFort is here to help you realise all the available benefits without compromising your data security.

The BlueFort cloud security service is tailored to your digital transformation strategy, ensuring you achieve the correct balance of functionality, flexibility and control.

Our expert security consultants will audit the correct security provisions protecting your cloud assets and advise how to deploy new technologies and services to strengthen defences. We will help you build a bespoke cloud security architecture to safeguard your data and operations.

Our consultants consider your cloud transformation strategy and help you build a plan that will help you deliver. Combining our knowledge and experience with cutting edge cloud security solutions allows us to build safeguards that meet your immediate goals and provide a platform that flexes and grows as your cloud usage patterns change.

BlueFort will specify, deploy and support your solution set, reducing your management overheads, improving the overall user experience and giving you the benefit of our extensive cloud security knowledge.


Why choose BlueFort for cloud security support

BlueFort is the UK’s leading cyber security solutions provider, providing solutions and services for all aspects of information security - including cloud security. Our cloud security architecture recommendations are based on extensive industry knowledge, industry best practice  and previous successful deployments.

BlueFort has achieved Cyber Essentials Plus, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications as part of our ongoing commitment to providing high quality solutions and excellent customer service.

All of our security solutions are tailored to the specific needs of your project. Every cloud security solution is specified and configured to help you achieve true digital transformation and to realise all the benefits available.

Our multi-award winning technical support team is always available to assist throughout implementation and beyond.

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