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The average organisation has 765+ applications to manage, provide secure access to and protect. Web app protection solutions is fundamental to the overall security posture of a company.

With a huge increase in remote access, the network perimeter is now rarely purely the physical office environment. This brings new challenges to protecting business applications. BlueFort have found that businesses are often unaware of many of the applications that are being utilised by their end users and consequently posing a threat to their cyber security posture.

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What is Web Application Security?

Application security consists of tools and technologies that sit between an application and the user to safeguard both the user and the application. Protecting the user from providing unnecessary levels of personal or company data to the application and protecting the application from unauthorised access and data usage by the end users.

Why you need Application protection and Security

Applications are typically a gateway for users or customers to access a company’s data or services. Traditional perimeter security is configured to allow this type of traffic, therefore if an attack or vulnerability exists at the application layer it’s often allowed as legitimate traffic.

With many more regulations such as PCI and GDPR putting a focus on ensuring personal data (PII) is secure, with significant fines in place if data is accessed or leaked, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that applications are secure.

Secure application access

A cornerstone of application protection is ensuring that only legitimate users are able to access your application.

Many of the principals of Identity management and secure remote access can be applied to secure application access especially if you take a zero trust approach. We often find that these projects overlap significantly. 

Application Resilience

A key challenge for security teams is resilience of applications, ensuring that they are available to employees and customers so as not to lose out on productivity or sales.

There are many options available to make your applications more resilient, to improve your

Unfortunately sometimes application resilience is maliciously targeted with a DDoS attack (distributed denial of service). We have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you to mitigate the effects of a DDoS attack and to flex your bandwidth to accommodate genuine and seasonal spikes in traffic.

Encrypted traffic

Many inspection technologies, both legacy and more modern solutions are unable to decrypt encrypted traffic, this means that encrypted malicious traffic can easily pass through undetected. Decryption can often result in undesirable levels of latency across the network. We can help you intelligently decrypt and direct your traffic, leveraging AI and Automation, avoiding latency and optimising your existing security investments.

Why Choose Bluefort as your web application security company

BlueFort has partnered with many enterprises with their application security and won accolades for their technical support. BlueFort’s clear focus on cyber security ensures that security will be considered throughout the design process and that any solution or technology proposed will be compatible and secure.

We acknowledge that all company's configurations, priorities and application suites are unique so we take a bespoke approach to aiding you in securing your applications. We work closely with companies such as F5 and RSA to design a solution to strengthen your application security and access.


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