Category: Use Case

Addressing the complexity of cybersecurity, External Attack Surface Management (EASM) provides critical visibility, active testing and ongoing security controls.
Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) tailors security measures by collecting, analysing, and distributing bespoke insights to prioritise risk mitigation effectively.
Data security, evolving since the 1980s, faces challenges with the surge in data volume and dynamic technology landscapes.
Gartner's Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) shifts cybersecurity to a proactive model, prioritising risks through a cyclical approach.
In the data-driven business landscape, success hinges on effective data management. BlueFort's Optimised SIEM transforms data usage, ensuring control and visibility for robust cybersecurity.
Modern cloud complexities demand continuous security adaptation. Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) ensures compliance, risk mitigation and efficiency.
In the era of digital transformation, traditional security models fall short. Zero trust, with IAM, ensures continuous verification, enhancing cybersecurity against evolving threats.

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