Global Cooperative Bank

Installation, configuration and bespoke training for management of upgraded remote access technology

“The training was great because it was created specifically for us and it was hands-on, so we could practice as we went through to make sure we all fully understood the technology.”

Infrastructure Engineering Lead at Global Cooperative Bank

Key challenges


Key outcomes
Strategic security evolution

BlueFort worked closely with a Global Cooperative Bank that has approximately 60,000 employees serving ten million customers globally. Dealing primarily with financial customers and commercial data across their businesses means it is imperative that this Global Cooperative Banking company can continually keep their data secure. The IT team prefer to manage their systems day to day but lean on trusted suppliers such as BlueFort for advice, design, installation, configuration and training for new technologies and product upgrades. Due to the Bank’s global reach and a large number of independent branches accessing the network a key requirement for working with BlueFort was to provide convenient and secure remote access services to their employees. To satisfy this requirement BlueFort recommended an investment in RSA token technology.

Their Infrastructure Engineering Lead explained; “We like RSA because it is well supported, secure and compatible across our network. We have worked with BlueFort to take advantage of the newer authentication options which have increased convenience for our remote users. BlueFort helped us to make the migration project a success with training and support throughout the project.”

Migrating to cloud based infrastructure

The bank was supporting 15,000+ RSA Authentication hardware tokens within their international end user base. With a strategic direction towards total migration into cloud infrastructure and with the convenience of providing software authentication to remote workers, the bank took the decision to migrate from traditional hardware tokens to software-based authentication.

Convenient and secure authentication

The Infrastructure Engineering Lead went on to explain; “After initial discussions internally we felt that moving to software tokens could be more convenient for ourselves and for our remote workforce than the traditional hardware option. As we were already using other RSA technologies we anticipated that the new authentication options would be compatible with our systems and would continue to evolve. We approached BlueFort to confirm that using software authentication would work both technically and commercially for us.

Together we conducted a proof of concept to ensure the software authentication would work with our existing applications and cloud infrastructure. The proof of concept was successful, and we are rolling out software tokens across our international business. We have had great feedback from our users. BlueFort helped us throughout the process and provided us with technical expertise as required.”

Smooth handover

Following installation and support from BlueFort on the migration of their RSA software tokens, the IT Infrastructure team were keen to familiarise both their Operations and Engineering colleagues to the same level so that they could manage the software inhouse and get the highest return on investment for the technology. To support with this BlueFort curated and lead a bespoke 4 day in-depth, hands-on, training course for the technical engineering and operations team. The aim was to provide them with the knowledge and expertise inhouse to fully manage the RSA Authentication Management system.

Bespoke test environment

To maximise the effectiveness of the training, BlueFort built a full test environment for the new system management platform. The test environment mirrored the bank’s new set up and configuration with both a test client and authentication manager server so that the team could learn and practice how to install, upgrade and configure RSA technology. They also learnt how to apply a disaster recovery and how to manage the admin portal on a day-to-day basis. BlueFort continues to be on hand for any follow up support or queries.

Their Infrastructure Engineering Lead concluded; “We have a dedicated internal team of specialists, so we prefer to manage our systems inhouse. Previously we had specific people who understood the RSA products and we found that when they left or were unavailable, we had a lack of skills inhouse to pick up the day-to-day management. We decided it would be best to get our operational and engineering team upskilled too so we can handle the day-to-day management of the technologies.

Working with BlueFort as subject matter experts, the training was great because it was created specifically for us and it was hands-on, so we could practice as we went through to make sure we all fully understood the technology and processes.”